About Us

At Del Mano Food, we want to eat better and we want you to be able to do that too.

What Drives Us

We strive to offer you products that are not just healthy but that make you feel good about cooking. Our sausages, meatballs, and other offerings help inspire more innovative dishes, without keeping you in the kitchen all day.

We want your meals to leave you with the satisfaction that comes from eating something that has been slowly, carefully, meaningfully prepared. This has been our mission since 2013 when we began operations as an artisanal manufacturer in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Founder

Food that feeds the body and satisfies the soul must have a special beginning. Del Mano Food’s Stefan Grosberg was himself that special start. A chemical engineer turned charcutier, Stefan roamed Italy working alongside farmers, butchers, and grandmothers alike, as he pursued his love and passion for food.
In his family, “if it’s worth doing, you better do it right.” Now at Del Mano Food, he brings that same passion delivering on quality and creativity in every bite.

Crafting a New Future

The “Handmade” philosophy has been an unwavering presence throughout Stefan’s culinary journey, continually reinforced by his hands-on experiences. It all began with the planting of his own kitchen garden in Trinidad, and when he started making pestos from his home-grown herbs. Encouraged by the success of this venture, today, Stefan and his dedicated team place this mindset at the core of their operations.

Stefan’s appreciation for meat, coupled with his talent for blending ingredients, has allowed him to explore an array of flavour possibilities. The sausages he creates challenge conventional expectations, elevating the familiar and offering an entirely new taste experience. With these meticulously crafted small-batch products there is no better place to start changing the the world of food than at the dinner table.