We use Berkshire Pork, American Wagyu Beef, and all-natural poultry humanely raised on family farms without ever using antibiotics. They are allowed to grow naturally at their own pace. This results in great tasting meat. 

A lot of (industrially raised) animals have antibiotics included in their routine feed. It helps to prevent them from getting sick, with a side effect of promoting faster growth. Antibiotic overuse contributes to bacteria becoming resistant, so called “super bugs”, to the drugs used to treat the illnesses which they cause in humans.

It depends on the product, but anywhere from 20-30%. Too little and the product has a poor texture and is not juicy. Too much results in a product that is soft, oily and loses a lot of weight when cooked.

Typically <1.5% pure, additive free salt; either Kosher Salt, a type of fine flake salt, or a Mediterranean natural sea salt. 

We do not use any preservatives, additives, fillers, artificial colors or flavors or MSG in any of our products.

We use Sodium Nitrite when we cure bacon. This is an important ingredient as it inhibits the growth of Clostridium botulinum spores which can produce a toxin which causes botulism, a potentially fatal illness in humans. It is used in very small amounts, typically 0.156g per kg of meat. A 30g slice of bacon would have used approximately 0.003125g of nitrite to cure. 

So called “uncured” or “naturally cured” products are all still cured using nitrites, although derived from a source such as celery. As the naturally occurring nitrites can vary, a larger amount would be used in the curing process which can result in a product higher in nitrites. 

Your body won’t know the difference between the sources of nitrite. 

Yes, with the exception of our English Bangers and both varieties of meatballs. For these we make a breadcrumb in-house from whole wheat flour.

Describing the sausage as fresh, means that it is not cured, smoked or cooked either fully or partially. We make small batches of products every week ensuring you get it as close as possible to the production date.

Once defrosted at refrigerator temperature, you should expect at least 3 days shelf life in the refrigerator. Our products are frozen for preservation and you can store them safely this way for over a year once the vacuum seal is in tact.

Once the defrosting process took place at a safe temperature, i.e. in the refrigerator overnight, there is no issue with re-freezing. If you opened the pack then the freezer life will be cut short.

We use best before dates to guide you when the product should be consumed by if kept in the state it was purchased in. In most instances the product would be frozen, and once the vacuum seal is in tact then it would be safe to consume even after an extended storage period. Even sausages we kept frozen for over two years, when cooked and tested still tasted great. 

If the sausages are still frozen, immerse the pack in a bowl of water for a few minutes or use the defrost function on your microwave. Then pan fry for 6-15 minutes depending on the product. Meatballs can easily be cooked from frozen by pan frying.
Alternatively, defrost the pack of sausages in the refrigerator overnight. To pan fry, put the sausages in a hot pan for 2 minutes while turning to brown, then reduce heat to finish cooking. This can be 6-8 minutes for a thinner sausage, and 10-15 minutes for a thicker one. By looking to the side of the sausage, you would see the meat change colour slightly as it cooks. Target internal temperature for pork or lamb is 150°F / 65°C and for poultry is 160°F / 71°C.
You may also choose, to grill, bake, deep fry or poach. If you poach, the casing will become chewy, so briefly pan fry afterwards to brown and improve the bite. Use the above as a guide as cook time can vary depending on method and heat. 

We only use natural casings which come from hogs or sheep. While expensive and difficult to work with, the end product has a better bite and we are able to maintain the tradition of how sausages have been made for thousands of years. The casings are cleaned and graded by diameter. For a given size, there are variations in the diameter which results in a sausage slightly longer or shorter, but typically of the same portion weight. Our sausages which contain pork are stuffed in either hog or sheep casings depending on the product, and our lamb and poultry sausages are always stuffed in sheep casings.

Our Wagyu Beef and Grass-fed lamb are Halal. We process pork in the same facility, although on different days.

Of course, via our e-commerce site.


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